Kamis, 10 Maret 2016

Fake Marriage in China Documenter

Film dokumenter yg sangat menarik sepertinya. Untuk sebuah negara yang selama ini hanya memperbolehkan 1 anak dalam satu keluarga, perkawinan "palsu" sepertinya menjadi semakin biasa untuk komunitas LGBT di sana. Ketika ada yang mengaku ke gay ke orang tua mereka, banyak dari orang tua yang akhirnya bisa menerima dengan syarat sang anak harus tetap menikah dengan lawan jenis baik untuk meneruskan nama keluarga maupun untuk mempunyai anak yang bisa menjaga mereka di kemudian hari

Memang sih di Indonesia yang biasanya memiliki anak lebih dari satu, tidak terlalu se urgent itu untuk para orang tua memaksa anaknya menikah demi cucu. Tetapi bukan berarti tekanan itu tidak ada sih yah. Buktinya semakin banyak yang memaksakan diri untuk menikah demi membahagiakan orang tuanya.

Tetapi apabila ketika kita harus come out ke orang tua, dan mereka memaksa kita untuk tetap menikah sekalipun dengan lesbian, dan memang ternyata ada lesbian yang menikah dengan kita untuk melanjutkan garis keturunan. Would you do it?

I think I might.

Btw mudah mudahan dokumenter ini diputer di salah satu festival nanti di Indo yah. Penasaran banget pengen nonton. Dan si cowok yg aga gempal di trailernya itu gemesin yah hehehe

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  1. I would like to answer your question, would you? And i will said no.

    It's not about how your family legacy should end or whatsoever. When you adopt children. Means that, the children that you're adopted is your legacy. As long as the country that you live in, acknowledge that children as your legacy and had full right of becoming your own children in the matter of law although he/she didn't share the same blood as you.

    In fact that, the way you think about legacy should be from your own blood is quite traditional. It's like saying that being hetero is a must. And your single goal in this world is to give birth to another human. Without considering about how your children should live afterwards.

    Also, you didn't encourage all of the gay people in this country to have adopted children. That having a two father, or two mother is fine. That being you yourself as a gay, is a "pride" you can proud of. And instead of make your parents happy for being "hetero" just because you marry lesbian, you make them happy of being gay. What's the point of coming out, if you have to stay in a closed after it?

    1. Sorry for my grammar, and words.

    2. Sorry for my grammar, and words.

    3. very valid point of view.

      I think I always want my own child to carry my gene because I always want see a "mini-me" to carry on my legacy. Yeah it's a selfish reason. That's why I dont pursue it. That's why I see marrying a lesbian to have a child might be a solution, even I know it wont happen. If I ever do it, I probably now doing it for my parents, but for my justification to have my own children. Yeah it's complex. But it's just scrambled of my sleepless mind in 1 am in the morning

      Actually I am totally find if people want to adopt. If possible I want to 1 pair of my own twin, and 4 more adopted children. Always love big family. I dont think being parent and being gay has no correlation. You can be a good parent no matter what is your sexual preferences.

    4. I do agree with you, that people had their own right to consider about something. I have my own consideration about having a children, you had your own consideration to have a children. I should respect your choice, we all do.

      However, as a writter of online mass news. The thing you should do is to give an option to your reader, on how they should consider their life afterwards. Thus, the articel you made should also contained with an option. So instead of answering with your subjective answer, you probably should give them a choice so that they can uphold their own status as a gay. So that they can be "proud" of it.

      I'm really sorry, if there's one or two words that hurts you or so. I just wanted to give an advice, since your blog watched by so many people who was not yet come out of the closet. We need positivity, to encourage them. But you've done a good job so far. Thanks for replying.

  2. I think this is a win-win solution for both sides, exclude fair or unfair in the name of normal marriage in front of GOD. Who knows what happens next?

    Both couples leave good marks to everyone, instead to the real "lover".

    1. yup. as long as everybody happy and nobody got harm:)