Jumat, 21 Maret 2014

Dear Connor

Seorang anak berusia 13 tahun yg come out ke orang tuanya mendapat surat ini dari ibunya. Andaikata semua orang tua bisa menerima anaknya seperti ini yah:)

Dear Connor,

I am writing you this letter so you have something tangible, something to hold onto if you should ever need it, to always remind you that we love you.

 I am pretty proud that we have the kind of relationship in which you felt comfortable coming out to me at 13 years old. I am hoping that we have created an environment in our house in which you know you are loved, you are safe, and that we will support you and fight for you.

 Dad and I love you very much. You are growing into such an amazing young man. You are pure potential. We can’t wait to see where it takes you!

Love, Mom

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