Sabtu, 06 April 2013

Music : "My Boyfriend is Gay" Hailey Rowe

It happened on a Monday
It was my baby’s birthday
I wanted to surprise him he deserved a treat

He said he’d be late working
He’d call me when he’s leaving
Off I went to get him something
Ain’t I just too sweet

So I cruised downtown to Armani
To find him something trendy
And realized that my jimmy Choos were killing me

So I text the girls from my car
Meet me at Eleven Bar
We made quite an entrance
That’s when I got punked

My boyfriend is gay
I know it sounds cliché
That everybody saw right through this guy but me
My boyfriend is gay
Should’ve known by the way
He tivoed every episode of RHOC
My boyfriend is gay
He was really such a great guy, but I saw him with another guy
His favorite color was turquoise and he always drank chocolatinis through a straw
My boyfriend is gay
I didn’t really mean to spy, but I saw him with another guy
You should’ve seen his place and he cried more than me at every chick flick that we saw
(say) la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

Fast forward to next Friday
It’s not like I’ve been crying
Deep down I think I must have knew it all along

Maybe it was his Cher playlist
Or his craving to be A-list
Or how he knew the words to every Britney song (oh baby, baby)

Perhaps it was that poodle
Or those cheese filled strudels
He used to dip into his Frappuccino grand

Well I must have just been kidding
Myself into thinking
I was more than him experimenting

Repeat chorus

Well, It happened on a Monday
No it wasn’t such a fun day
When I finally realized what I always knew

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